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At Phoenix Vets Loughborough we offer a wide range of different services for your pets. Take a look below at some of the treatments we offer!

If you have any questions our friendly team will be happy to help you. 


Annual vaccinations are needed to protect your pet from several highly infectious and potentially fatal diseases. This visit also allows us to perform a thorough clinical examination in order to pick up any concurrent issues early.


This is especially important to allow missing pets to be reunited with their owners as soon as possible.  A tiny microchip with a unique code is implanted under the skin of your pet. This procedure is quick and relatively painless.


We offer a variety of dental options which help to keep your pets happy and healthy. For more information please give us a call. 

Animal Health Certificates 

When travelling abroad with your pets, you may be required to present documentation showing regarding your pets health.

Laboratory Tests 

Regular blood testing can provide insight into your pets health conditions and help to identify illnesses and assess symptoms that cannot be seen by the naked eye and might otherwise be missed.  


Standard 15 minute consultations are available by appointment throughout the day. If you want to see a specific Veterinary Surgeon then please request this at the time of booking.


If your pet requires any medication during their lifetime this will need to be prescribed by a Veterinary Surgeon. We can arrange for the medication to be dispensed directly to you or a pharmacy of your choice.


X-rays and ultrasound are key in the investigation and identification of physical changes in our companion animals. They can be used as a tool for screening and diagnosis, and can be an immediate source of information in an emergency situation.


Neutering is the surgical removal of the reproductive organs to prevent unwanted pregnancies, uterine infections, prostatic problems, and certain cancerous changes.


Surgery is an important tool for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of our pets. Surgery is sometimes surgery is the best way to investigate a problem or prevent it from worsening.

Inpatient Care

If your pet requires more in-depth investigations, care and treatment we offer the ability to hospitalise them during this time. We can provide a clean, calm environment during their stay.

Nurse Consulations

Our amazing nursing offer a range of different consultations and clinics to aid in the day-to-day management of your pet’s health and support you with more complicated situations.

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