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Spay or Castrate your pet

We offer routine neutering for dogs, cats, rabbits and more!


Neutering is the surgical removal of the reproductive organs to prevent unwanted pregnancies, uterine infections, prostatic problems and certain cancerous changes.


We prefer to allow our companion animals to reach a certain level of maturity before carrying out this surgical procedure so the timing does vary depending on species and breed. In bitches we prefer to allow them to have their first season but we can spay them prior to this if needed. The timeframe for the procedure in bitches usually needs to be between 3-5 months after they finish a season in order to avoid the time period where hormonally they will go through a false pregnancy. The majority of neutering is performed when animals are fairly young, however, it can be carried out at any point in their life as long as we feel it is appropriate.


If your pet is booked in for a castration or a spay they will spend the day with us to have their general anaesthetic and their surgery and will normally go home on the same day. There will be certain options for you to consider prior to coming in for the procedure, including the option to have a pre-operative blood test and the option to have peri-operative intravenous fluids.


We will  send your pet home with anti-inflammatory pain relief and your pet will often require either a buster collar or a surgical suit to prevent wound interference.


The recovery period is usually 7-14 days and we will arrange pot-operative consultations to monitor your pets progress.


Although neutering is an important preventative process for the majority of animals it isn’t always the right choice. For some animals we have the option of using a form of chemical neutering as an alternative and for some animals with specific health conditions or behavioural issues neutering is not advisable. If you are not sure about neutering your pet or if you wish to discuss any details of the process further please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Phoenix Vets Loughborough to find out more about neutering. 

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