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Dental Care. 

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Brushing Dog's Teeth

Maintaining Dental Hygiene.

We offer a variety of dental options which help to keep your pets happy and healthy. For more information please give us a call. 


Dental health is a hugely important part of your pets wellbeing that is often overlooked. Dental maintenance at home is something we routinely do every day for ourselves but with our pets we often don’t (or can’t!) perform the same level of care for their teeth.


There are various things that we can do at home to try and improve our pet’s oral health. Brushing their teeth is the gold standard and there are different types of tooth-brushing kits available that are designed specifically for animals. However, where brushing isn’t always possible, there are other ways you can try to keep on top of your pet’s dental health, including antiseptic gels, enzymatic toothpastes, dental diets and additives to the water.


Unfortunately, even with the best dental care, our dogs, cats and especially rabbits, can suffer with problems ranging from plaque build up and inflammation, to cavities and fractures. These kinds of problems will often require a general anaesthetic to fully assess the teeth and gums, clean them thoroughly, carry out dental x-rays and potentially proceed with dental extractions if the teeth have become diseased.


A consultation with the vet is the best way to assess your pet’s dental health and discuss what management options will be best suited to the situation.

Contact Phoenix Vets Loughborough to book a dental check. 

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