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Surgical investigation

Surgery is an important tool for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of our pets.


Surgery is often something we wish to avoid unless it is necessary, however, sometimes surgery is the best way to investigate a problem or prevent it from worsening.


At Phoenix Vets we can offer a range of operations and surgical treatment. We will always go through the pros and cons of any surgery with you, and we will tailor any anaesthetic to the needs of your pet.


There are some more advanced surgeries that would usually require referral to a specialist centre. However, we are very pleased to be able to offer to have some of these advanced procedures performed in-house via links with travelling specialist surgeons. The travelling surgeons are skilled at orthopaedic and advanced soft tissue procedures and are happy to provide advice regarding these options. All post-operative care would also be performed in-house with the specialist surgeons easily contactable if we have any questions or need to update them.


If we are unsure about a specific condition or procedure, we can also arrange for the surgeons to come in for a consultation to meet you and your pet, make an assessment, and go through any options in more detail.

Contact Phoenix Vets Loughborough to find out more about operations. 

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