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How to Help Hedgehogs!

Animated Hedgehog

There are a number of ways you can help hedgehogs:

Create hedgehog highways. Leave 13cm square gaps in the bottom of your fences and walls. This helps link up green spaces, making it easier for hedgehogs to access. If you don't want a hole in your fence or wall, you can dig a tunnel that a hedgehog can fit through beneath them.

Make sure there is enough natural food. Create a wildlife-friendly garden with a compost heap or pile of logs. This will be home to both the insects and grubs that hedgehogs eat, and possibly the hedgehogs themselves.

Go wild and leave leaves, logs and unmown grass in corners of your garden so there is somewhere for the hedgehogs to shelter, nest and hibernate.

Avoid using pesticides and chemicals to allow there to be plenty of invertebrates.

Hedgehogs breed in spring and again in the autumn, so keep pets away from possible nest sites and try to avoid any major garden works where possible.

Check under bushes and hedges before using garden machinery to try and prevent serious injury to hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs often hibernate under compost heaps or piles of garden litter destines for a bonfire. Always check the pile before lighting the bonfire to ensure no sleeping or hibernating hedgehogs are there.

Slow down on roads, particularly at night when hedgehogs are more active.

Keep a note of the contact details for your local wildlife or hedgehog rescue centre in case you find an orphaned or injured hedgehog.

If you do find a hedgehog exhibiting any of the symptoms in the picture, please follow the steps as laid out by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society or call your vet.

If you need advice on what to do please don't hesitate to contact Phoenix Vets via or give us a call on 01509 270997.


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